7 Things That Nursing Mom Over There Wants You To Know

In (belated) honor of World Breastfeeding week and National Breastfeeding Month, I’d like to give you all an insider’s look inside the head of a mom who nurses in public.

This blog is for all of you people who see a breastfeeding mom out of the corner of your eye and get sweaty palms about how to react — or take a 12 mile detour to avoid interaction at all. That nursing mom over there (who may very well be me!) wants you to know a few things. Continue reading 7 Things That Nursing Mom Over There Wants You To Know


A Toddler in Glasses?! (Part One)

Have you ever seen a toddler, or even a baby, in glasses? Does it make you smile? Or do you feel sorry for them? Maybe you wonder what’s “wrong” with the kid.

As a mom of a toddler newly in glasses, I’d love to share a little info so you can understand what’s going on behind those frames.

Take some time to educate yourself, and next time you see a little one sporting some spectacles, you may find more to say than “How cute!” (Or decide to not say anything at all.) Continue reading A Toddler in Glasses?! (Part One)

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (or Necklace Organization 101)

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had to untangle a mess of necklaces, I’d have… well, probably not more than a five-spot. But if you’ve ever had to do it, you know that once is still one too many times. Is it worth it, or should I just throw these 27 necklaces away…?

The problem is my daughter likes to play with my jewelry and she asks to wear them occasionally. Little fingers rifling through a bunch of tiny chains is not a recipe for neatness.

Continue reading Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend (or Necklace Organization 101)

And The Award Goes To…

I’ve come up with a hot new awards show that will rival all the others. I call it the Academommies. Clever, I know.

An academy of parents, teachers, aunts and uncles, etc. will nominate their peers in categories such as “Successfully Rationalizing With a Two Year Old” and “Moving a Sleeping Baby from Carseat to Crib.” You know, near-impossible feats that take skill, practice and sheer genius to accomplish.

Continue reading And The Award Goes To…

As American As…

Apple pie! And cinnamon rolls! Well, maybe not, but let’s not talk semantics and move on to more important things. Like why have I never seen anything like this before? The idea popped into my head one day so I came up with a recipe.

You can substitute the premade pie crust for homemade if that’s the way you roll. Get it?

I can’t stand scrolling through a big long story with 548 picture of how to crack an egg, so here is the recipe for an apple pie I made for our family’s 4th of July celebration yesterday: Continue reading As American As…

Gonna Be Worth a Fortune

I’ve been going through everything we own, trying to pare down some. Actually, I’m paring down a lot. My goal is to get rid of half of our “stuff.” More about this at a later date.

I was throwing away some random toys (aka spiderweb utopias) that have collected in the garage. Don’t tell my kids. They will never know or miss them. Unless they happen to see it peeking out of a garbage bag. Then they will whine at me for hours about how it was their “faaaavorite toooooy, moooom. Whyyyyy did you throw it awaaaaay?” Most of our cheap plastic dealybobs have been banished to the tub.

It got me thinking about something I read recently about how much all our old toys are “worth” now. I put “worth” in quotes, because I believe things are only worth what someone else is willing to pay for them. Continue reading Gonna Be Worth a Fortune

The State of Your Bed is the State of Your Head

A while ago (maybe a year, I don’t remember) I was reading an article that challenged me to make my bed first thing in the morning every day for a week. I don’t want to make it seem like I’m a messy person, but making my bed wasn’t a high priority on the list of 2, 867 other things I have to take care of. Every hour. 24/7.

I’m sure my mom “made” me make my bed when I was younger. Straightening the sheets and blankets was normally what I would do. But lately I have become very intentional about making the bed. Straightening out the sheets. Making it look nice with those extra pillows my husband tosses on the floor (very patiently) every night. Continue reading The State of Your Bed is the State of Your Head

My Genius Blog Idea

I’ve had this blog domain for a year and half and I’m finally sitting down to write this morning. Why have I not started blogging before today,  you ask? Maybe because I was too busy with my kids, or because I was a half dead, shell of a person when I got pregnant again. Possibly because I’m again busy with kids, but now with a baby thrown into the mix! Wow, those are some good excuses. Way better than my actual reason. I haven’t started blogging because I haven’t come up with that “first blog topic.” The awesome subject that will have a million shares the first day, half the country following me, and get me invited to be on Ellen… You know, just a normal, first blog post. Continue reading My Genius Blog Idea